Monday, April 15, 2013

The. Best. Lotion. Ever

Hello blogosphere!  I have been incredibly busy lately but wanted to share this quick  but amazing "recipe" with you.  No, it is not food but rather a body lotion.  And you will use for the rest of your life once you try it.  

From my mother, I have inherited her incredibly dry skin.  Winter is the worst and I have yet to find a lotion that soothes my scaly skin...until now.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and figured I'd give it a whirl.  I wanted to wait until I used it for a bit to attest to its quality and I can now say that it has passed the test! I have seen a visible improvement to my skin. 

I actually purchased all of the ingredients from  They ship free for orders over $30.  But these are basic items you can get at any drugstore.  So, if your skin is i need of some serious quenching, I highly recommend you whip up some of this... pronto! 

This is all you need...

   Throw it all in a bowl and mix away!

It is a smooth and fluffy lotion.  It can be a tad oily when you put it on but my dry skin soaks it up in just a few minutes.  

Combine everything that was left on the sides and bottom with a rubber spatula and transfer to a jar.   

I used a wide mouth, old fashioned, glass canning jar.  Cheers to smooth, hydrated skin!

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