Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY Moss Wreath

In addition to cooking, I am also enjoy arts, crafts, furniture refinishing... basically anything that allows me to be hands on and get the creative juices flowing.

A good friend of mine just moved back to the area and I have been thinking of what to get her for a housewarming gift.  The other day I was flipping though my Williams-Sonoma magazine and they had the most beautiful wreaths but they were upwards of $100 each.  So I decided to make one on my own!

I got all of the supplies from Hobby Lobby (Michael's and JoAnne's  probably have the same stuff) and this was very easy and inexpensive to make.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out and just love the burlap ribbon and flower.

You will need:

  • 1 straw wreath (keep plastic on)
  • 1 bag of Spanish moss
  • 1 spool of burlap ribbon
  • decorative flower or ornament
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors 

When you take the moss out of the bag, it can stick together so have scissors handy.  Begin by squeezing hot glue on about 2 inch sections of the wreath.  You don't need to put moss on the back but be sure to get the inside and outside curves.  

Almost halfway done.  It helped me to remove the moss from the bag, cut off sections and have them ready before I hot glued the surface.

Now that the moss is all finished, you can decorate it with whatever embellishments you like.

I am slightly obsessed with owls so I got these cute little ones for when I get around to making one of these for our front door.  For my friend's wreath, I am going with something a little more classic and rustic.

Oh and this is pretty messy. Moss was flying everywhere.  If the weather was nicer, I would have done it outside but Mother Nature decided to send us a snowstorm in late April... so indoors it was!

This is how I had originally had it but it just didn't look finished enough for me.  So what is a girl to do....?

Add a bow of course!  To do this, I cinched the burlap ribbon with some floral wire.  Then I tied a separate bow and secured it to the cinched area with some more floral wire.  Voila!

And hopefully this will grace a door in my friend's new home!

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