Saturday, March 2, 2013

Truffled Mushroom Deviled Eggs

I feel like people tend to forget about deviled eggs.  They are so versatile... you can make them about a million different ways. Sriracha. Avocado. Crab Meat. The possibilities are endless! They are the perfect accompaniment to brunch but also work as a cocktail hors d'oeuvre.  

These little "mushroomy" truffled beauties are my favorite.  I have discovered and will share a foolproof way to hard boil eggs.  No green ring around the yolk and no shells sticking to the white.  Add a little mascarpone cheese and truffle oil to the mixture and these will be the most decadent deviled eggs you will ever taste! 

After you boil the eggs, run cold water over them.  Pour all of the water out of the pan, put the lid on and shake.  Break those shells!  Cover with cold water and let sit for five minutes.  I swear by this and think the water gets underneath the shell to help it peel off easy-peasy.  

See!  Smooth as a baby's bottom :)  Wait until you see the inside... 

Gorgeous, right?  Now for the good stuff...

I used shiitake mushrooms this time but any exotic mushroom will do.  I think button mushrooms are a little too rubbery for this dish.  Be sure to chop the shrooms pretty fine because you want to crisp them up when you saute them.  They are like little sponges so salt and pepper while cooking.  

Mascarpone cheese and truffle oil are my secret ingredients for these eggs.  They add a certain luscious element to this rustic dish.  To make the filling extra creamy and remove lumps,  I use a food processor to blend the ingredients.  If you don't have one, use a handheld mixer.  


Assembly is pretty easy.  No need to pipe the filling into the egg because you are just going to top it with all of that mushroom goodness.  Garnish with some fresh chives and drizzle with a little truffle oil.

Truffled Mushroom Deviled Eggs

6 hard boiled eggs 
2 T. mascarpone cheese
3 T. mayonnaise 
1 t. yellow mustard
small drizzle of white or black truffle oil
salt and pepper to taste

1 T. butter

1 t. olive oil
1 c. chopped exotic mushrooms
4 sprigs of fresh thyme
salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste

Foolproof hard boiled eggs:

Place eggs in a medium saucepan and cover with room temperature water.  Sprinkle a little salt and white vinegar in the water.  Turn heat on high and bring water to a full, rolling boil, uncovered.  Let the eggs boil over the heat for 2 minutes.  Remove from heat, cover and let sit for 20 minutes.  Don't forget to cover them with a lid!  This is a very important step!

After 20 minutes have passed, pour out the hot water and run cold water over the eggs. Next. pour all of the water out of pan, cover with lid and shake gently to break shells.  Cover again with cold water and let sit for 5 minutes.  Finally, peel eggs and refrigerate.  

Mushroom Topping:

Heat butter and olive oil in medium saute pan over medium-high heat.  Once butter is melted and on the verge of browning, add mushrooms, thyme and season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  You want the pan to be hot so mushrooms crisp up.  Stir occasionally and remove from heat when mushrooms are fully cooked through.  Spread evenly over a plate and let cool.


Place egg yolks, mascarpone, mayo, mustard, truffle oil, salt and pepper in food processor.  Blend until completely smooth. If mixture is dry, add more mayo or mascarpone cheese.  


Fill the egg whites with yolk mixture.  Top with mushrooms and garnish with truffle oil and fresh, chopped chives.   


  1. I made these for a brunch at my place a few weeks and people are still raving about them! Definitely one of the best deviled eggs recipe! Thanks so much!!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I'm so glad that you made them and they were enjoyed by all!

  2. I made these for a super bowl party...and it was LOVELY! :) Thanks so much. Wonderful flavors and incredibly easy!

    1. What a great idea to bring them to a super bowl party! I bet people were surprised to see deviled eggs but so happy to hear that they were a success!


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