Monday, July 29, 2013

Garden Update

I am thrilled to let you know that our first garden is not a complete failure but rather a small success!  This has been my first real attempt to grow something other than herbs and I've definitely learned a lot.  
  • For the amount of plants we planted, this bed is way too small. Next year we plan on making it substantially larger.  
  • We have tried a bunch of different remedies to deter the rodents and deer from getting to the garden such as cayenne/red pepper flake water sprayed on leaves, Sweeny's Deer Repellent and rodent repelling granules.  None of which worked.  Chicken wire, I'm told, is the the best method.
  • Planting in the ground versus pots has proved to be very successful.  I'm no gardening expert but I'm pretty sure that the soil allows for proper drainage.   
  • A couple of times a week, I remove and dead leaves from the plants.  This allows the energy to focus on the healthy fruits. 
  • I save my eggshells and coffee granules and sprinkle them over the soil once a week.  My grandma swears by this and it seems to be working for us.  
Here are a few pictures of the progress so far.  Hopefully I will have some recipes coming soon using some of the fruits of our labor.  

This is the garden the day we planted everything.   

And here it is now.   

We planted three different types of tomatoes.   

Way too close to each other and the deer have chomped off a bunch of the branches.  So devastating.   

These are our first two tomatoes.  We haven't picked them yet but will soon.  I read that the best way to ripen tomatoes off the vine is to place them in a brown paper bag with a banana.  

Cabbage and endive

Cute little jalapenos


Banana peppers 

Eggplant is blooming but no fruit yet.  

                              My Thai basil has these gorgeous purple blooms on the top.  

 Italian basil and parsley

Mint.  Perfect for mojitos! 

My sage and oregano are not doing so hot.  I realized after I planted these, that the pot did not have any holes for drainage.  I think I will try to transfer these into the ground.   

I love having fresh chives.  My scrambled eggs have never tasted so good.  

And everyday when I go out to tend to our humble, little garden, this is what I have to look at in our neighbor's yard.  Someday...


  1. Your garden is doing SO well! We've been enjoying lots of tomatoes and cucumbers over the past couple weeks. If you pinch the flowers off your herbs before they bloom, your herbs will keep growing!

  2. But the flowers are so pretty :) Thanks for the tip Sarah... This amateur gardener is grateful for any advice to help the plants grow! Can I still pinch them off now or is it too late?


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